Kids at the Del Mar Track


Kids at the racetrack? Are you bringing your kids with you to the races this year? We have taken our son to the races before and it was a fun day for the whole family. There are tons of activities in the infield for kids on weekends called Family Fun Days.  Admission is FREE to children 17 and under and you can purchase an adult ticket as low as $6 (except on opening day). It is very similar to the Del Mar Fair and the kids have a lot of fun. For more information on the Family Fun Day.

The FREE activities on SUNDAY, AUGUST 6 feature:
 • Pony Rides  • Giant Scramble Slide & Obstacle Course
 • Rock Climbing Walls & Bungee Trampolines  • Meet the Del Mar Mascot “Pony Boy”
 • Magic Show & GameZone  • Face Painters & Caricature Artist
 • Create & decorate your own hat with the Rad Hatter  • Magic Shows & Game Zone
Helen Woodward Animal Center  • San Diego Sockers and San Diego Gulls Hockey Demonstrations and Instruction


The FREE activities on every other Saturday and Sunday feature:
Pony Rides  • Giant Scramble Slide & Obstacle Course
Inflatable Games & Rides  • Del Mar Mascot “Pony Boy”
Magic Show & GameZone  • Face Painters
Jockey Stilt Walkers  • Caricature Artist

The Del Mar Racetrack also has a camp for kids ages 5-12 for $24 per child. Included is lunch, snacks, t-shirt and activities like mini golf, video games, inflatable jump house, air hockey and more. This is a great option especially for out of town guests who can’t find a babysitter. Camp Del Mar opens at noon and closes 30 minutes after the last race. Registration is always open and located at the Mission Tower building, no reservations required. For more information on Camp Del Mar click here.

Kona Kakes @ The Presidio


Pina Colada Cake 

Kona Kakes specializes in authentic Hawaiian cakes. It is located in the Presidio Shopping Center at 5401 Linda Vista Rd, #402 San Diego, CA 92110 They have everything from a small cake perfect for two, to a large full sheet size cake for Luaus, to a tiered cake design for weddings. Kona Kakes bakes with the delicious flavors from island fruits such as pineapples, mangoes, guavas, coconuts, passion fruit and macadamia nuts that come from the Big Island of Hawaii. Chocolate and Vanilla Beans grown and cultivated from the islands of Hawaii are also used in the bakery recipes.

White Chocolate Strawberry

Mango Mouse 

Carmel Macadamia Nut with Hazelnut Creme

All of the cakes and pudding are made from scratch daily, for delicious goodness in every bite. Kona Kakes also has catering just like on any island of Hawaii, think of a yummy plate lunch and that is what you will get. Their catering options are incredibly priced for such delicious food choices. For more information on Kona Kakes and catering visit their store at The Presidio Shopping Center located at 5401 Linda Vista Rd, #402 San Diego, CA 92110, or via their website here.


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Kids Free @ Legoland California & Water Park


Legoland California was on our bucket list for this summer and we had a great time at the water park yesterday! This special offer is awesome! Buy one adult ticket and you will receive a child admission FREE. The tickets offered are for park hopper tickets only. Legoland park ticket and water park ticket is option one, second option is Legoland park ticket and Sea Life Aquarium.

Tickets are valid for one year date from the date of purchase. Details may be found here.

Legoland Park and the Water Park, the adult ticket is $120, child admission of $112 is free.

The other option is:

Legoland Park Hopper Ticket and Sea Life Aquarium adult ticket is $117, the child admission of $109 is free.

To receive this special FREE CHILD ADMISSION use code 17027


Order Information

Item Price Quantity Total
1-Day Adult WATER PARK Hopper (Wild Style) $120.00 1 $120.00
1-Day Child WATER PARK Hopper (Lego Batman) Applied a discount of $112.00 $0.00 1 $0.00
Enter your promotional code and click apply to receive special offer
Subtotal: $120.00
Whats This? Convenience Fees $1.00
Tax: $0.00

Total: $121.00
A total of $112.00 was applied with your discount!


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Escape to the Oaks at Ojai


Have you been dreaming of a girlfriends getaway? A spa weekend, a weekend full of fun hikes, classes, and healthy food? Look no further because I have found it all in the beautiful town of Ojai, California. The Oaks at Ojai has been around for 40 years and has served many women looking for a healthy getaway.

A couple of weeks ago I was treated to a full weekend getaway for my birthday with a girlfriend. The weekend included our stay in a luxurious suite, fitness classes, evening entertainment (who knew bingo could be so fun) and all of your meals and snacks for the entire stay.

The Oaks offers a portion conscious meal plan with special attention to good fats to fuel your mind and body.  A sample of some of the delicious food you will enjoy during a stay include soups and salads, shrimp and pasta and even desserts. Yes, you will even be able to eat desserts!

After a day of hiking, and water classes you will be thrilled to relax and restore your body in the over-size bathtub. I took advantage of a good long soak in the tub, although I may have added too much bubble bath.

If you have time step out and enjoy the quaint little town of Ojai, the shops offer a wide variety of special one of a kind products. I was able to pick up a few hard to find items for gifts.

The must visit part of the property you will not want to miss is of course the spa, it is a destination spa after all. There is a full menu of body treatments, skin care treatments and a full salon. We were lucky enough to enjoy 75-minute Aromatherapy Swedish Massages with organic lavender essential oil. The treatment concludes with the relaxing effect of a lavender eye pillow while your feet are massaged which to me was Heaven on Earth.

To book your spa getaway or for more information on special weeks and room rates visit the Oaks at Ojai here. 


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Home Brew Mart by Ballast Point @ The Presidio Plaza


The Presidio Plaza is a one stop shop for treats, relaxation, pizza and one of my personal favorites a Ballast Point Home Brew Mart. Everything you need to brew right from the comfort of your own home. From simple starter kits, to advanced all grain brewing systems, they have everything you need to brew the beer you want. The Presidio Plaza is located at 5261-5401 Linda Vista Road San Diego, CA 92110.

There are even classes offered to teach you everything from Nitro Systems to a Kegging Demo, classes are offered at the Presidio Plaza location only. Starter kids start as low as $75 and Includes the following:

  • 3 gallon plastic conical fermentor with spigot
  • 3/8 inch bottle filler (tubing attached)
  • Double wing capper
  • 144 bottle caps
  • 4 oz. bottle Io-Star sanitizing solution
  • 3 piece airlock
  • Rubber stopper
  • Carbonation tablets
  • 3 lbs. light dried malt extract
  • 2 oz. Centennial pellet hops
  • 1 pkg. Safale US-05 American Ale Yeast



7/27 – Kombucha (moved from 7/13): It’s the fermentation sensation that’s taking the world by storm! Aside from its refreshing tartness and its probiotic benefits, it can also be you’re new favorite home-brewed alcoholic beverage. Stop in this Thursday and we’ll tell you all about this fermented tea and all its glorious potential!

8/3 – Kegging Demo: Interested in getting into kegging? We’ll demonstrate the kegging process and show you the whole new world that opens up when you have a draft system to add to your brewing setup.

8/10 – Hops: If you’re looking to experiment with new hops, but don’t want to risk a 5 gallon batch on a mere whim, we’ve got the perfect strategy to isolate the hop flavor. Stop in for more details, and some excellent hop samples!

8/17– Nitro Systems: If you’ve ever wondered what it means when a beer is put on nitro, come on in and let us share our knowledge and dispel the myths about those beers of cascading creaminess!

8/24 – Brew in a Bag: BIAB is a method of all-grain brewing that allows a kind transition from brewing with extract to brewing with all grain. BIAB does require a larger pot (at least 8gal), a wort chiller (for the larger pot), and a large sparging bag, but does not require a mash tun with a false bottom or a hot liquor tank with a sparge arm. This workshop will include a demonstration of the mashing, lautering and sparging processes.

8/31 – Adding Fruit and Spices: Despite boundless criticism, we home brewers actually enjoy crazy ingredients in our beer: coffee, chocolate, spices, fruits, peppers, in short, whatever we can find. Stop in to hear about a way to use them to your advantage.

Tasting Room

The Home Brew Mart at the Presidio hosts tastings and has a Food Truck Schedule. The tasting room hours are:

Mon–Thurs 10:00am–10:00pm
Fri–Sun 9:00am–10:00pm

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Are you living the life you want?


Are you living the life you want? I was living a life that no longer made me happy and for way too long. Actually I was down right miserable and what’s worse my so called partner didn’t even think anything was wrong. How does that happen? How do we convince ourselves that being unhappy is okay? Losing my mother taught me a lot about myself, but more than anything it taught me life is too short to be unhappy.

Feeling stuck in my situation is the best way to describe how I felt. Very few people knew what my marriage was actually like, and a LOT of people were shocked when I left. I was scared what it would look like, what people would think and what they would say. I was scared I would have to change my lifestyle, which I have and it is the best thing I’ve ever done.

I no longer drive a BMW, I’m not taking extravagant vacations, but one thing I am is fulfilled. When you look back on your life I can almost guarantee  that you will not say that car really fulfilled me, and made my life whole. For the first time in my life I’m living the life I want. I don’t know if I have ever been this happy, and it is all because I decided I wanted something more. More than what my life had become.

We all go into marriage thinking it will last forever, and sometimes it does but some marriages have an expiration date. I don’t regret marrying my ex, we had a lot of good years together, but the unpleasant days started to outweigh the pleasant ones.

I am not saying leave your husband, what I am saying is make the decision to be happy. If that means quitting a job, losing weight, or ending a friendship do it! We only get one chance at this thing called life, and now I feel fortunate to be living my life every single day.


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