The doctor is in…and she is a magician for your skin


When I was a child my grandmother told me the most important thing to do for your skin is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. This woman who was modeling up until a few years before she passed, had always taken care of herself. I would spend hours watching her get ready doing her make-up and hair  and the bags and shoes always had to match. But the most important thing she always said was take care of your skin you have it for life. Besides her obsession with bags and shoes she also left me with her words of wisdom about taking care of my skin which has stayed with me my whole life.

I have very sensitive skin, I can’t wear sunscreen, or any products that have any scent added to it. Every time I have ever gotten a facial I have always broken out afterwards. It was just something that I came to expect when I had a facial. I’ve had facials all over the world and it was always what would happen. A friend reached out and said I should try going to HD Beauty a Skin Care Boutique because like me she has very sensitive skin. I booked the HD Beauty Facial, which is a multi-step treatment, which cleanses and exfoliates to help you achieve a clear complexion and younger looking skin. More details on the facial are listed below:

  • At HD Beauty, our skilled aesthetician performs advanced clinical-grade custom facials that can help your skin look its best by addressing individual skin concerns. After a skin analysis, each facial is customized tailored to the client’s skin needs and skin type.
  • This incredible powerhouse facial is way of combining the finest innovative skin care technologies into one effective skin renewal treatment. The results are instantaneous and visibly noticeable upon completion of your first session.
  • Facials can be given to almost anyone, and our line of skin products can cater even to the most sensitive skin type. Our facials involve a deep pore cleaning, exfoliation to rid dead skin cell build up, and nourish the skin.
  • Getting facials done regularly each skin cycle (4-6 weeks apart) will promote a well-hydrated, clearer, and balanced complexion. Custom facial treatments boost collagen and visibly reduce fine lines, combining antioxidants and peptides that prevent the face, neck, and décolleté from pre-mature aging.

As soon as I walked in, I felt this may be a different experience than most facials I’d had in the past. Melanie is so incredibly welcoming and made me feel right at home. We went over my skin care routine and what problems I have with my skin and then she went to work. To say she is a magician is actually an understatement. She went over every product she used and told me exactly what it would do for my skin and what to expect afterwards. Not only did I have the best facial of my life, my skin didn’t break out afterwards! This was HUGE for me, it had never happened, I kept waiting and the days went by and I had nothing but smooth clear skin.

After we talked more about what exactly I really needed help with, my biggest issues were redness and dark circles under my eyes. Most people think my skin is perfect because I don’t break out often but truth is I cover it with heavy make-up daily. Some of my best friends have never seen me without make-up because I’m to embarrassed of how my skin looks. Thankfully Melanie also has her own line of skin care products called HD Beauty Clinical Skincare. She recommended I try the Rescue VIT-K Creme which diminishes facial redness and improves the appearance of dark undereye vascular circles. It was almost like she made this creme especially for me, I could not wait to get home and try it. I have been using it for a couple weeks and can’t believe what a difference it has made for my redness and dark circles. I have tried so many different products hoping it would help only to be let down. I’m happy to say I finally found something that works for my skin. If you have sensitive skin but need help with redness or dark circles this product is one you must try.

For more information on the HD Beauty Clinical Skincare line or to book a treatment with Melanie click here.


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New Year, New You with Lovidia!


Happy New Year! This year I decided was the year I wouldn’t gain an extra 2-5 pounds during the holidays, just to have to struggle to get it off in the New Year. I was proactive and found Lovidia, it helps control your hunger, eat less, feel full faster, and lose weight. Sounds too good to be true right? I thought so as well until I used it, and it actually started working.

Lovidia puts you in control, you can eat less without feeling hungry. It is a patented formula that uses Gut Sensory Modulation to reduce hunger. It was simple to use as well, take one tablet in the morning, one at lunch, both with a large glass of water. I noticed I was less hungry and satisfied with eating fewer calories, and I began to start losing weight. I lost 6 pounds total using Lovidia in a two week period. It isn’t a magic pill, you still need to be Food Smart and exercise. But it does work, and because it is made with a natural blend of ingredients there is no unpleasant and possible dangerous side effects typically associated with weight-loss pills. Results vary based on program adherence. In the Lovidia Way study average weight loss was 13.6 pounds and waist circumference reduction was 2.7 inches.

The Lovidia Way gives you the support you need to guide you on a long-term path to a healthier you. The path is different for everyone, for me the appetite suppressant partnered with exercise and nutrition is helping reach my weight-loss goal. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I can only give my experience with LOVIDIA over the past two weeks and I loved it and plan to continue to use it. If you would like to try Lovidia use my 20% off coupon code SoCalSavvyMom20 at Lovidia’s website

The Lovida Way app is so helpful, I have been using it everyday to track calories consumed, calories burned, weight tracker, and the recipes. It also reminds you when it is time to take your Lovidia pill based on your personal preferences. The Lovidia Way App is a simple solution helping you achieve your goals on your path to LOV a Healthier YOU!


This post was sponsored by Lovidia. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. All opinions are mine alone.


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Free Preschool Fun Pass @ SeaWorld San Diego 2018


Sea World San Diego is again offering a Preschool Fun Card free for 2018 to the first 10,000 children to register. After 10,000 there the Preschool Fun Card will be available for purchase for $10. Children ages 3 to 5 may enjoy BIG adventures at the loved theme park Sea World San Diego all year-long!!! This offer is specifically for preschool children to take a field trip to Sea World for FREE. Hurry and sign up now registration ends March 31, 2018. For more information click here.

*San Diego and Orange County CA residents only. Valid only at SeaWorld San Diego only for children 5 years old and younger at time of redemption. Unlimited admission through 12/30/2018. Does not include free parking, separately ticketed events or other discounts. Bring Preschool Fun Card Voucher and valid form of ID (a copy of a certified birth certificate or travel passport) to Tickets and Reservations at SeaWorld San Diego. School IDs or children’s security IDs will not be accepted. The SeaWorld Preschool Fun Card offer is not available at the park; advance online registration required.

Offer valid for limited time and subject to change and/or cancellation without notice. Block out dates apply.


What is the SeaWorld Preschool Fun Card?

SeaWorld San Diego is delighted to offer the 2018 SeaWorld Preschool Fun Card. There are 10,000 FREE Preschool Fun Cards on a first come, first serve basis. A $10 Fun Card will be available after that. This Fun Card grants kids ages 5 and younger complimentary admission to SeaWorld San Diego through Dec. 30, 2018.

Who is eligible?

The SeaWorld San Diego Preschool Fun Card is available for kids who are San Diego and Orange County, CA residents and are 5 years old and younger at the time of redemption at the park. 10,000 FREE 2018 Fun Cards are first come, first serve.

My child is 5 this year, turning 6. Am I still eligible?

As long as your child is 5 years of age on or before the date you redeem the Preschool Fun Card for your first visit to the park, your child is eligible.
Do I have to be a San Diego and Orange County, CA resident?

Yes. We want to offer our neighbors who are 5 and younger unlimited access in 2018 to all that our parks have to offer. This gives local residents the chance to experience all of the wonderful family-friendly attractions at SeaWorld San Diego.

How long is the SeaWorld Preschool Fun Card valid for?

The pass is valid through Dec. 30, 2018. With block out dates of May 29 and December 31, 2018.

What are the deadlines for this promotion?

Registration for FREE and $10 Fun Card must occur online by April 30, 2018.

You must bring the Preschool Fun Card E-Voucher, along with the proper identification, to the Tickets and Reservations counter at SeaWorld San Diego no later than COB on March 31, 2018 in order to take park in this promotion. 

Is my Preschool Fun Card valid at other SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment parks?

The Fun Card is only valid at SeaWorld San Diego.
Where do I receive the Preschool Fun Card?

You can redeem your Fun Card E-Voucher at Tickets and Reservations at SeaWorld San Diego.

What kind of identification do I need to provide?

Valid identification includes a copy of a certified birth certificate or a travel passport. Please note that school IDs or children security IDs will NOT be accepted.


Hottest Gifts of the Season as seen on Fox5 San Diego


The holidays are in full swing and we have the HOTTEST Gifts of the Season to share with you! Wether your children are 1 or 17, we have a gift that will suit them. See below for all of the times featured on our TV segment on Fox 5 San Diego today. If you have any questions on any products or are unable to find any please e mail us. We will help you find whatever you may be looking for, even if it is sold out! We have you covered for all of your gifts this Holiday Season.

We will be back on Fox in a couple weeks with all the things to occupy your children while on winter break. My son has 3, yes 3 weeks off, believe me it is hard to keep an 11 year old entertained that long so we had to become creative. Follow along on the blog and on Fox 5 San Diego for our tips.


Rocket & Submarine mold free by Marcus & Marcus



Game Day Push Helmet by Simplay3

TwirlyGirl Dresses

School Aged:

SquishMallows Squeeze and Cuddle

Magic Light Brush & Drawing Pad by Crayola

Air Fort  


MiniFlyer by Mukikim


LOL Surprise! Fizz Factor


LilGadgets Headphones


DIFF Eyewear

Don’t try this at home…


I’m about a year into my new life, no longer under someones control. No longer told what I can and can’t do. No longer am I having to beg for money to go to lunch with a friend. My life looks so different from a year ago, and a lot different from what I thought it would. When I left I didn’t have any particular idea of what it would look like. It was a fly by the seat of your pants kind of moment, that has landed me to where I am today.

As most people do when they leave a spouse, they go to their parents or a relatives house. My mother passed away about a year and a half before I left, so it was just my dad in our family home. The same family home they built when my mom was pregnant with me, the only family home I have ever known. I never in a million years thought I would live in this home again, much less without my mother.

After a bit of a rough start my son and I got comfortable and settled into our new home. Soon after is when my father told me he was moving to their second home in Nevada. He said it was just going to be part-time, 2 weeks there 2 weeks in La Costa. This seemed reasonable to me, and I was happy for my dad as his new girlfriend lives there.

Fast forward to him moving out around May, I expected to see him in a few weeks, this never happened. He came for maybe 48 hours a month later, and I realized this man, my father no longer lives here. He moved, and permanently. That for whatever reason hit me like a ton of bricks, I’m now living in my family home with no one in my family.

How did this happen? How did I end up where I started? Also was there anything wrong with this? Not many will complain about a house in La Costa, and believe me I’m not! I now live there with my son and I am constantly thinking of my mom. Of her making our beds when we went off to school. How did she do this with three kids? She was superwoman.

Currently working on an agreement with my father, so I can stay for another year at least and it makes it so final. This is where I live, where I’m going to live, where I am going to raise my son. It’s my childhood again and the only difference is it isn’t Susan Connerley making dinner and doing laundry its Nicole Connerley. I am loving every second of walking in my mothers footsteps. Who said you can’t go home again?




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Holidays at Legoland California – Early Bird Discounts


Come one, come all to experience the Holiday season at Legoland California. Don’t miss the largest LEGO Christmas Tree, live entertainment with LEGO Friends in Heartlake City, and stay for a picture with a life-size LEGO Brick Santa and Reindeer. Book now for HUGE savings, of over $40 per ticket! See below for information on HOLIDAYS AT LEGOLAND 




  • Limited time, online exclusive
  • November 18 – December 25
  • Includes 1-day weekday admission to LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium





  • Limited time, online exclusive
  • November 18 – December 24
  • Includes 1-day weekend admission to LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium





  • Limited time, online exclusive
  • Visit anytime from November 18 – December 24
  • Includes 2-day admission to LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium




  • Includes overnight hotel stay + 2-day ticket
  • Exclusive benefits like great ticket offers, early access to LEGOLAND, welcome gift for the kids and more
  • *Based on 2 adults, 2 children (ages 3-12)


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