Does it hurt to ask for free stuff?


Does it hurt to ask for free stuff?  To me it does not matter what you are asking for or from which store just ask.  Recently my iMac started acting weird, when it became apparent I could no longer use it I called the Apple service department.  Apple (automated) service first tried to sell me a $50 Apple care service call, and this was just to talk to someone.  I somehow made it around this problem only to be told by a real person they were no longer fixing this problem free of charge.  I asked why if this was a manufacturer defect was I having to pay to have it fixed.  This went on for about 20 minutes and in the end I was told to go to my local Apple store to see if they would fix it for me.  My local Apple store basically told me the same thing, however they could fix it for me for only $378.  This was not acceptable to me!  I returned home to call back the Apple service department.  I was very nice and asked to speak to a supervisor, at first he told me the same story.  However after about a half hour he made an exception for me and Apple did end up fixing it for FREE.  I now finally (after a week) have my computer back and it is good as new, and all for the cost of two phone calls!  If it is hard for you to ask for free stuff just think how much money you could save.  From a $378 fix to my computer to a free kids ice cream cone my son had today, free is always better so just ask!

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