Legoland Water Park Tips


When going to the Legoland Water Park go straight there to claim your spot for the day, if you do plan to walk around Legoland save this for after the water park.  Another option is to do this during the busy times at the water park between 1-3 p.m.  When choosing where to sit for the day my opinion is the best spots are closest to the water, this allows you watch your kids without an obstructed view.  If your child is not tall enough to stand in the pools grab one of the life jackets they have around the park for free.  This will help you be more relaxed, your child will feel safe, and help make the lifeguards job a bit easier.  Items to bring to the water park swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, hats, rash guards, goggles, water shoes, drinks and snacks.  If you forget to bring any of these items you may purchase them at the park.

Prepare your children that every two hours they close all pools for a 10 minute break.  During the break is a great time to have a potty break, eat a snack or just a quick rest.  The only area not closed at this time is the Duplo Splash Zoo and it is an especially great area for kids 1-5.  We spend most of our time at the DUPLO Splash Safari which has 3 water slides for toddlers, I have a 4-year-old and he loves this area.  

Inside the water park there is only The Beach Front Grill, the food is a fusion of Mexican/California which options like wraps and burritos.  There are more options for food outside the water park, you may leave and return with the food, but don’t forget to have your hand stamped for re-entry.  Another option is to bring a lunch with you, most days we bring a lunch and have never had an issue.  If you are looking for a healthy option they have great salads at the Garden Restaurant.  An inexpensive lunch is at the Fun Town Hot Dogs located near the Volvo Driving Schools.

Cabana rentals are available for $179 a day or $129 for a half day, if the only thing you are looking for is a semi-private area this is great.  However, you can not see your children from the cabana’s because they are on the outskirts of the pool areas.  Included in the cabana rental price is:  10 drinks (this isn’t Vegas so don’t get too excited) options are juice, water, and soda.  A table with Duplo bricks for play (please note these are not to keep) and a host to help with any water park needs.

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