BevMo! 5-cent SALE is here!


The BevMo! 5-cent sale is back!!!  Buy the first bottle of wine at normal BevMo prices and the second bottle is only 5-cents!  Don’t forget there are great options for ordering online.  They will have it ready and you may pick it up within the hour.  It scares me to bring my son into a store with nothing but tons of glass bottles.  It was a little easier when he was still able to sit in the cart but now he is a big 5-year-old.  That is why I love the pick up option!

With the holidays coming this is a great idea to stock up on wine for parties.  I never show up for a party without wine in hand, now that would just be unheard of!  Today is the first day and some wines will sell out rather fast so I recommend going to the location nearest you today.  For more information or to find a location nearest you click here.

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