Soccer Mom?


Is being a soccer mom really THAT bad?  My mom was a soccer mom, and she totally rocked the mini van (and actually still does.)  Today is a normal Saturday morning, except I’m thinking about what type of snack I should buy for my son’s soccer team.  I’m the snack mom today, those two words alone are pretty funny snack mom.  I am a total soccer mom.  Okay I’ve said it, now I just need to accept it!  Soccer is in my blood I played since I was 5 as did both of my brothers.  My parents run the biggest youth soccer tournament in the nation, so my son playing soccer is just apart of growing up.  Why am I having such a hard time accepting the role as soccer mom?  My son plays soccer and I am his mom… soccer mom, soccer mom, soccer mom.  Maybe if I just say it over and over again it will help.  No such luck.  I feel like soccer mom’s are a mess, not a stitch of make up, hair with no product, beach bag as a purse, wearing mom jeans, and I am none of these things.  I won’t even go to the gym without make up, if I don’t want to see me with no make up on I figure no one else should either.  When I think of a soccer mom I still think of a 90’s soccer mom and it is 2011!  I think we (soccer mom’s) need to change the meaning of the word!  “Did you see Billy’s mom’s new BCBG shoes and Coach bag… wow what a soccer mom!”  Okay, so that may not happen but I’m a new soccer mom hoping it does!


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