20 Kids and Counting… Michelle Duggar is at it again!


WOW!  That is really all I can say, wow!  Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are having another child.  I think TLC has had to change the name of the TV show 4 times now.  This apparently is the longest Michelle has ever gone (20 months) without getting pregnant.  They thought the days of dirty diapers was behind them, however they are thrilled with the news.  The reason they keep having babies is due in part to her first pregnancy, she lost the baby.  They then decided it was up to God to decided how many children they should have.   Mr. & Mrs. Duggar have not used any form of birth control since before their first child was born over 23 years ago.  I can somewhat understand their reasoning behind no birth control and leaving it up to God, I just wonder when enough is enough?  Are they really overjoyed at this news?   I know some people don’t believe they should keep having children, I believe the decision is theirs and theirs alone to make.  How would I know if 20 is too many children for them?  I know it would be too many children for my family, but then again I’m raising an only child.  Will 30 Kids and Counting be coming next?

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