One day left… Nominate The Woman of the Year!


Are you the Total Woman?  Nominate a friend, sister, mother, or even yourself to be the Total Woman of the Year!  Total Woman Gym & Day Spa is offering the winner a FREE fitness and spa membership for a year!  There will be 11 lucky women chosen, one at each of their locations.  The winner will receive one-year of unlimited access to the gym plus one spa service per month.  Walking into Total Woman Gym & Day Spa feels like walking into a spa not a gym, it is peaceful with the slight aroma of lavender. When you think of a gym typically you do not think beautiful, however this is not  just a gym it is a gym and spa for WOMEN.  The first thing that struck me is obviously there were no men, but more than that they really built this gym for women.  More of the machines we use regularly and all the machines are calibrated for a woman’s body.  There is a full Pilates studio with three reformers, an ARC trainer similar to an elliptical, but with better results in less time.  There is also a full list of classes from belly dancing to yoga, and unlike most gyms these classes are held everyday.

Visit the Total Woman Gym & Day Spa website to nominate someone special to be the Total Woman of the year.  Today only they will be randomly giving away an iPod to someone who nominates a Total Woman!  After nominating someone you will receive a free two-week membership ($50 value) to use at any of the locations.  With a dozen convenient locations in California there is sure to be one close to you.  The convenient locations are in Brea, Encinitas, Glendale, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Mission Valley, Northridge, Placentia, Studio CIty, Torrance, Westlake Village and Woodland Hills.


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