Fun Winter Kids Camps!


It is almost here… the day the kids are out of school for two weeks.  Whether you are a working mother seeking child care or a stay at home mom trying to stay sane, winter camps really are the way to go.   Everyone is a little stressed out around the holidays so why not make life a little easier on yourself and more fun for the kids by sending them to KinderCareWinter Camps!   Have the kids join for the whole camp, or drop in for as many days as you’d like.  The KinderCare Winter Camp is held the last 2 weeks of the year, December 19th – 23rd, and December 27th – 30th.

Kids will explore the science of chemical reactions, with educational and hands-on themed activities, including “Bubble Trouble,” “Volcano Blast,” “Helicopter Propellers,” and “Balloon Rockets.”  KinderCare is so awesome they also are sharing some fun science activities to do with kids at home!  For more detailed information see the list below for age-specific activities planned for the Winter Camps.

To enroll in a KinderCare Winter Camp or for more information visit the website here.

Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten

  • Radical Reactions:
    What makes a bubble stay round? Why do some objects sink and others float? These are just a few of the things children will investigate during Week One of Winter Camp. Children will also have opportunities to explore different types of chemical reactions by making and manipulating Slime and creating their own “volcanic eruptions.” They will also experiment with different materials to learn about properties of matter, including surface tension and absorption.
  • Wright Flight:
    Most children are fascinated by flight – whether it involves birds, planes, or kites. During Week Two of Winter Camp, preschoolers and pre-kindergartners will learn about elements of flight through hands-on activities involving wind, air pressure, and propeller power as they explore kites, paper airplanes, and even space rockets.

School Age

  • Radical Reactions:
    During Week One of Winter Camp, children will explore the fizz, whoosh, and pop of chemical reactions through fun and educational, hands-on lessons and experiments such as “Fizz Rockets,” Bubbleology,” “Super Slurpers,” and Racing Slime.”
  • Wright Flight:
    The sky’s the limit in Week Two of Winter Camp, as children follow in the footsteps of the Wright brothers while learning about the science of flight. Lessons and activities include building kites and gliders, launching mini rockets, experimenting with mini propellers, and many more!

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