Get to Catalina at 50% Off!


My husband and I have talked about taking our son over to Catalina for the day but what has always stopped us is the price.  The normal price for a round trip ticket on the Catalina Flyer is $69 per person!  Let’s do the math $69 x 3 = $207 for a day trip!  This may be used for an over night trip or a day trip.  This deal is great because you may buy up to 10 (for those of you with a larger family) or if perhaps you want to take some out-of-town relatives.  If you purchase this deal you have until December 3, 2012 to use it, so you have plenty of time to plan a trip.  The only black out dates are the 4th of July and Labor Day, you could even take your sweetie for Valentine’s Day!  The cost is only $34 per ticket, this deal is through Groupon for more information or to purchase click here.  Please note over 1,000 have already been sold and there are a limited quantity available.

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