What women really want for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and a friend and I were talking today about gifts.  This is her first Valentine’s day with her guy and she didn’t know what to expect, if anything.  I recommended she tell him what she wants, then she won’t be disappointed.  Then I mentioned I could maybe “suggest” a few things to him that she would enjoy.

Here is a list of what we came up with, items that are always welcome gifts:

Flowers – Any type of flowers are great, however most women prefer roses on this holiday, specifically red.  If you bring her red carnations and think it is the same thing you are sadly mistaken.

Candy – This means chocolate, always chocolate, it also lets us know you don’t think we are fat, and we like that.

Jewelry – Diamonds are a girls best friend, but a nice pair of earrings or a pretty necklace are welcome as well.  Think Tiffany’s, there are tons of items at Tiffany’s that cost under $200, and a woman will always remember her first blue box.

Wine – Assuming she is a wine drinker, anything above $20-30 is considered a nice bottle of wine (at least in our house)  Do not buy wine that comes in a box, I don’t care what the label says, don’t do it.

Clothing – If you know her style well enough this is a great gift, but if in doubt on size always go too small than too big.  Again we like to know you think we are skinny.

A Trip – This is a great gift and it is something you can both enjoy, but this should be you and her only.  A romantic weekend trip should not include your friend Billy, or Bob or Billy-Bob.

Spa Day – Anything pamper related we will enjoy, a manicure, pedicure or a spa treatment of any kind.  Do not buy her a weight-loss wrap or anything that says weight-loss, in your eyes she is a supermodel, remember?

Tools – Any type of tool even if it is pink is not an acceptable gift.  My father gave my mother a fire extinguisher for their first anniversary, its been 40 years and he still hasn’t lived it down.

Kitchen Items –  Although we want it, need it and even ask for it, it is not romantic in any way.  It also just reminds us of cooking dinner, clean the dishes, then doing it all over the next day.  Save this for a surprise Thursday gift, we like surprises and gifts.

Gift Certificates – This is a hard one, I personally enjoy receiving gift certificates because my husband can not pick out clothes for me.  However to most women they think this means you don’t know them well enough, so you settled on a gift card.  Is that the message that you want to send, that you don’t know her well enough?

Lingerie – This is a gift for men, don’t kid yourself, if we want you to see us in it we will buy it.  Enough said.

Feel free to share with your hubby, boyfriend or anyone else who may think this is useful or just funny 🙂

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