Legoland Water Park Opens 3/10


Legoland Water Park will open its doors for the season starting this Saturday, March 10th.  The hours of operation are from noon to 5 p.m. starting 3/10 through 3/30, and starting 3/31 through 4/14 the hours will be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  There are some days between April 14 through the end of May that the water park will be closed.  For a complete list of days the water park will be open as well as park hours visit water park hours here.

Coming this summer will be the opening of Pirate Reef, which will be accessible from Legoland and the water park.  Warning you will get wet at the splash bridge, by water cannons, or at the main bridge.  Then plunge 25-feet down a chute that splashes through the battle between Captain Red Brick and Captain Blue Brick.  We can not wait for Pirate Reef to open this summer, my son loves pirates!

If your child is not tall enough to stand in the pools grab one of the life jackets they have around the park for free.  This will help you be more relaxed, your child will feel safe, and help make the lifeguards job a bit easier.  Items to bring to the water park swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, hats, rash guards, goggles, water shoes, drinks and snacks.  If you forget to bring any of these items you may purchase them at the park.

Prepare your children that every two hours Legoland closes all pools for a 10 minute break.  During the break is a great time to have a potty break, eat a snack or just a quick rest.  The only area not closed at this time is the Duplo Splash Zoo and it is an especially great area for kids 1-5.  We spend most of our time at the DUPLO Splash Safari which has 3 water slides for toddlers, I have a 5-year-old and he loves this area.

A great option if you are planning on spending the day is renting a cabana.  It is great to have a place to sit, relax, and refuel when needed.  Included in the cabana rental is ten beverages (juice, water, & soda) in your own mini-frig, two complimentary towels, a duplo table with bricks for the kids to play with, and a full size family locker rental.  There are only 11 cabana rentals available, if you plan to reserve one you may do so in advance by calling (760) 438-5346.

If you have older children 6 and up I would recommend the cabanas by the Build a Raft River.  The cabanas in that area are Shark, Manta Ray, Parrot and Dolphin.  All of these are great because they are right by the Joker Soaker and you can watch you kids go down the larger water slides as well.  If you have younger children under age 6 reserve a cabana in the Duplo Splash Safari area, the best cabana in this area is Polar Bear.  The Polar Bear cabana is very close to the three water slides for younger children.  If you have toddlers or babies the cabanas Monkey, Tiger, Giraffe, and Elephant are great options because they are right by the Safari Splash Zoo.  If you do not plan to purchase a cabana plan to arrive at the water park when it opens.  This will allow for you to get a chair or chairs near where your children will spend most of his or her day.

Cabana rentals are available for $99 right now, the price will increase as the hours of operation increase.   For more information click here.

For a discount on Legoland tickets click here for a $10 off coupon.

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