Apparently I’m one of “those people” Things we said we would never do as Parents…


Admit it, before you had children you looked at “those people” and said I will never do (fill in the blank) or I would never be that type of parent.  The truth is before you have kids it is very easy to pass judgement on other parents.  Because you have no frame of reference, you don’t understand why they can’t stop their crying baby.  Not knowing the parents would do anything to make the baby stop crying, because sometimes baby’s just cry.

There is one time I remember being out to eat with my family when my son was a year and a half.  My son was the typical toddler give him a crayon and he will throw it, or eat it, take your pick.  My older brother (who did not have children of his own yet) just looked at me like can’t you control your child?  The answer is NO!  I couldn’t control my child because he is his own little crazy person.  Jump ahead a few years to us at a restaurant and now his little one is the crazy child and he can’t do anything about it.  It just really made me think about all those things my husband and I said we would never do as parents before we had a child.  Everything goes out the window because your life is forever changed by this little person.  The days of spending a lazy Sunday on the couch watching TV, or reading a book are gone forever.  You soon realize that you will do whatever you can to make the baby eat, sleep, or stop crying, and that doesn’t make us bad parents it just makes us parents.

The things we said we would never do as a parent

  1. Being the parents with a crying baby on an airplane
  2. Taking a bratty or overly tired child to a restaurant
  3. Five second rule on a dropped pacifier
  4. Giving them anything to make them shut up (I mean be quiet)
  5. Using TV as a babysitter so you can cook, clean, or get work done
  6. Letting them have sweets, cookies and candy
  7. Driving around to get them to fall asleep
  8. Letting grandparents spoil them rotten
  9. Allowing them to drink soda (thank goodness my son hates anything carbonated)
  10. Having kids art on your walls, I really never understood why people did that until my son gave me something. He was so proud of it and so happy to give it to me.  It isn’t about the art it is about them wanting to make you happy and there is nothing better than that.

Those are some of the things we said we would never do but admittedly we failed on every single one at some point or another.  What did you say you would never do, and have you done it?  I’m not alone am I?

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