Got Bar? New Client Specials for Bar Classes


Thinking of trying out one of North County’s bar classes but not sure which studio to try?  I’m making the rounds to all of the studios as of now I’ve been to BodyRok, Xtend Bar by the Sea, and Fit in 60.  Next week I will be at The Bar Method, after I will be going to Studio Barre, and the Daily Method.  I don’t want to say I like one studio over another until I’ve tried them all, but there will be a winner!

Below is a list of all of the studio’s and their new client specials and if the first class is free.  Try one out and let me know what you think!

Studio Name  Location   1st Class Free  New Client Special  Child Care
The Bar Method Bressi Ranch No $10 for 10 Days Unlimited No
BodyRok The Forum No $10 First Class No
The Daily Method The Forum Yes 1st Month $100 Yes
Fit in 60 Carlsbad Village No $19 for 10 Days Unlimited No
Studio Barre La Costa Yes 1st Month $100 Yes
Yoga Six The Forum Yes 6 Free Classes No
Xtend Bar Encinitas Yes 1st Month $99 No
Xtend Bar by the Sea Oceanside Yes 1st Month $99 No


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