Fit in 60, is it for you?


I thought I would make the rounds to all of the local workout places and wanted to share my thoughts and experiences.  I was not paid to write this, I was not given free classes in exchange for writing this, I am in no way affiliated with any of the places I am writing about.  This is part two of my experiences at Xtend Barre by the Sea, Fit in 60, The Bar Method and BodyRok.

The second studio I visited was Fit in 60, which is located in Carlsbad Village upstairs from my personal favorite Naked Cafe.  Fit in 60 offers new clients 10 days of unlimited classes for only $19, count me in!  The first class was fun and seemed to go by very fast, all in all very similar to Xtend Barre.  I loved my instructor Mandi, she is fun and funny and the class was over before I even got a chance to look at the clock.  I was ready to sign up for a membership after my first class because it was so great!  My second class was completely different, and I was happy I didn’t sign up for the membership yet.  The class was beyond boring, the studio was extremely hot and it was completely packed, I assumed it was a fluke and kept going.  The rest of my classes were a mix between my first and second class.

Fit in 60 also has a Cardio Ballet class, this class is a fast paced ballet class and I loved it!  By far my favorite class yet, unfortunately the class is only once a week on Friday’s.  One thing I really love about Fit in 60 is the amount of classes they have a day, there is also the option of a bar class or a Pilates apparatus class.  Unfortunately, I was unable to take a Pilates apparatus class because it was not included in the $19 special.

There were a few issues with Fit in 60, some were pretty minor things but I wanted to note it just the same.  The first issue was I purchased a 10 day pass, one of the days they were closed (usually they are open 7 days a week) and I asked if it could be extended one more day.  The response was they do not extend past the 10 days, okay fine, but I thought I would at least ask.  Second my friend came to try it out because I had told her I was going, she was given a really hard time.  She was under the impression the first class was free (like most places) but found out it was $23 for one class or $19 for 10 days.  She of course opted for the $19 for 10 days, they came back and told her she could not do the special because she had been a member there before.  She had never been a member, and this was her first visit to Fit in 60.  After a few e mails she was able to receive the $19 for 10 days but it left such a bad taste in her mouth she never ended up going back.  The third problem I encountered was that I was told I would have to pay $10 for missing a class, a class that I attended no less!  I e-mailed the owner and she said the computer messed up and she would fix it for me.  But that is also something to note if you miss a class you will be charged $10.  I did enjoy some of the classes at Fit in 60 and really loved the instructor Mandi, I wish she taught everyday.  My next stop is The Bar Method in Bressi Ranch.

I am rating Fit in 60 2 out of 5 stars.

  • 1 Star   – Hated it
  • 2 Stars – Could take it or leave it
  • 3 Stars – Liked it
  • 4 Stars – Really Liked it
  • 5 Stars – Loved it


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  1. Amy
    July 16, 2013 at 5:24 pm (5 years ago)

    Thank you Nicole for your review and feedback.

    First, you mention that we didn’t offer first class free as you state is customary. Our website specifically states that instead of first class free, we offer first time clients the ability to take more than one class/instructor due to our variety of classes and styles. In reviewing the other websites, Bar Method offers 10 days for $10, and Bodyrok charges $10 for their first class, so I am unsure why there was an expectation that the class would be free. However, I am sorry that was a disappointment.

    Secondly, your friend had taken 22 classes in our studio in the past, and was very familiar with our transition. We offered her the first time client special, despite the fact that she was not a first time client to avoid leaving a bad taste in her mouth. But we can’t always do enough to make everyone happy and meet all expectations! All we can do is make the offer and try to give great customer service. We did actually make a mistake with your sign in, and you were not signed into a class that you had attended, and again, it was rectified at the highest level – not through just anyone at a desk or email address.

    I am sorry you were disappointed in our studio. We believe that there is a perfect place for everyone. We try to offer a wide variety of class styles, instructor styles, etc. That 10 days for $19 offers barre, cardio ballet, and strengthen and lengthen in our Carlsbad location, as well as barre, buddha barre, booty bootcamp, piloxing, and cardio dance in Carmel Valley. It is done specifically to allow you to try more than just a standard barre class.

    We try to offer the best experience possible and hope that one of the studios was a perfect fit for you and will help you achieve all your fitness goals. Thank you so much for trying us out!

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