Fun easy Easter treats to make with kids


This is a fun, and easy Easter treat to make with your kids, even toddlers!  As you can probably tell because my child made the ones below!  Simply dip into icing (put in microwave for about 15 seconds) then dip into sprinkles and set aside to dry.  It really is that easy!  The only items needed are:

  • Peeps (multiple colors)
  • Sprinkles (the more the merrier)
  • Icing (any color you choose)


No baking required, no chopping, no prep, just dip and let dry.  You may choose to use melting chocolates instead of icing, I have done both ways and feel the icing is easier than the melting chocolates.  There are tons of things you can do with your peeps once decorated.  Put on a stick and hand out to friends, which is what we will be doing for my son’s class tomorrow.  It is hard to find something for my son’s class… one child is gluten-free, another nut allergy, another no dairy, and another child who doesn’t celebrate holidays.  Usually if I can’t make all 4 happen I will bring something else for those kids so they don’t feel left out.

peeps 2

 Happy Easter!

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