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Last week I was able to experience a very special behind the scenes tour of Medieval Times.  Redha, the horse trainer, took us around the stables and let us meet the horses.  Medieval Times has around 30 horses that preform in the show.  Redha explained their daily grooming and training routines. Most of their horses are born and raised on a ranch in Texas, and once they are mature enough, they move to their new home to perform in the tournaments.  You can tell the horses are well loved.

IMG_2367We were also able to meet Jesse, the head knight. He showed us the arena where the tournament is played. Jesse explained the weapons that are used in the show.  They are REAL!  The knights train 5 hours daily before the live tournament.  Safety is the number one priority, and since the weapons are real, they practice, practice, practice! Although, most of is choreographed, the weapons used during fighting are real weapons.   The knights train for months before they are able to to preform in the live tournaments.


As soon as you enter the castle the entire ambiance changes.  The decor and costumes are so real it’s as if you stepped back in time.  The staff does an amazing job at making you feel welcome and making it such a magical experience for the whole family. As you walk in, you are given a team color, ours was blue.  The color you are seated in is also the color of the Knight you are cheering for to win.  Before entering the arena, you have a chance to order drinks, take your seat, and watch as people are Knighted.  If it is your birthday, or it is a special occasion, let them know (before you arrive) because you will get called and the king will “Knight” you.  As the doors open up to the arena, I was surprised to see that every seat in the house has a terrific view.  We took our seats and were excited for the tournament to begin!  Who will win?


As it beings, we are introduced to the Knights of the Realm who will be fighting in the name of Honor and Chivalry. Thrilling theatrics, heart pounding battles with real swords, and elctrifying jousting  all for the sake of being honored by the King and Queen.  During the games, dinner is served.  A feast fit for a king! Delicious roasted chicken, garlic bread, yummy tomato bisque, spare rib, and a roasted potato, and for dessert, the castles pastry.  Vegetarian options available. Did I mention you don’t get utensils to use.


During the tournament, cheering on your Knight is the best part.  Kids are really enthusiastic cheering their team waving the colored flags, catching the roses thrown in the crowd, and booing the opposing teams.  Each Knight chooses a “queen” of his color and passes her a sash.  Then, the winning Knight chooses a Queen of Love & Beauty. She will be crowned and referred to as “your majesty” What a thrilling moment for one lucky girl!!


After the show is over, the cast are very gracious and come out to take photos with everyone.  You get a chance to mingle with them and see their costumes up close.

Overall this was a truly amazing experience.  We loved every moment of it.  Everyone was entertained and enchanted.

If you join the Knights Court on their website you can go for free on your BIRTHDAY!

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  1. Stormy Hebert
    September 23, 2014 at 5:11 am (3 years ago)

    Great post Lauren. Your description is spot on. I can’t wait to go again…next year?

  2. Nicole Hughes
    September 22, 2014 at 9:24 pm (3 years ago)

    Lauren I love this post!

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