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The other day I was at my son’s school and did not have on my glasses or contacts.  I saw a woman who looked like my neighbor  and tried to squint to see if it was her but just assumed it wasn’t.  Her children went to a different school last year so it did not make sense she would be at his school.  A few days later I ran right into her at the school and asked what are you doing here?  She said I saw you the other day and you gave me a weird look.  I felt horrible!  I wasn’t more than 30 feet from her and did not say a thing!  Note to self never leave house without an extra pair of glasses!  I now leave a pair of glasses inside my purse and another inside my car just incase.  nic glasses

Above and below are the cute new glasses I got at an AMAZING price through an online optical site.  Buying glasses without trying them on sounded a bit scary, however there are so many tools on the site to help match the perfect pair to you!  They have a ‘try on view’ feature that helps to see what different pairs of glasses would look like.  Another reason I enjoyed shopping on this site is the glasses are affordable with glasses ranging from as low as $10 to $60.  Currently there is a special for buy one pair of glasses get another pair FREE!  There is no coupon code required for the buy one get one free, the less expensive glasses are automatically take off the bill. This special runs until the end of the month, to check out the glasses and the special click here.

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