A Caring Conversation


Whether we like it or not there may be a time when someone we love will not be able to care for themselves.  Having Care Conversations to prepare for a loved one or spouse is just as important as their medical treatment.  Have any of these care conversations happened to you?

  • I have two sisters, but I feel like I’m alone in caring for our aging parents?
  • My husband says he doesn’t want to talk about the future, and gets angry whenever I bring it up.  What can I do?
  • I talked to my father but he said not to worry about it…
  • When should I have a care conversation with my family?
  • My family can’t agree on a care plan for my grandmother.  Conversations are becoming very unproductive.

These conversations are difficult and with the help of Care Conversations it will turn an unproductive conversation into a positive and productive conversation that every family needs to have.  Care Conversations connects us with advice from long-term care professionals (doctors, nurses, home care, skilled nursing facilities) to give the best options for our loved ones.

My family had this discussion with my grandmother after my grandfather passed away.  At the time we didn’t know what to ask or where to go, but after using Advance Directives we found what was the perfect fit for her and for us.  My son and I visited her often, usually a couple of times a week just to stop in and visit with her.  I loved that she was just a few miles down the street from us and she was able to see my little boy (her only great-grandchild) often.

Another main concern when choosing a facility is the cost!  WOW, some can be pretty pricy but there are actually a few payment options many people don’t know about.  Many insurance companies (depending on the plan) will help with the cost, and Medicare and Medicaid are usually a good place to start.  When deciding on what you need be sure and ask how long the benefits will last?  If you are in the beginning stages of Planning and Preparing please watch the video below.  I know it will be helpful for not only you but your loved one as well.

This is a sponsored post by care converstations, all thoughts and opinions are my own, and stories are true. 

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