How do you Pregame for NCAA?


The Hughes family are HUGE college football fans, our Saturday’s are scheduled around when our team plays.  Today is a big game, the rival game for our team and my husband and I are excited!  My father in law is a huge NCAA fan too, although for another team (something with a tide that rolls) we love talking about games with him.  Sadly I don’t think our team who is not rated will win against the #3 team, which is so hated in our house I will not even say who that team is.  There is always hope though so never say never, Go Gators! 🙂

gatorGetting ready for game day is part of the pregame ritual at our house, choosing which orange and blue shirt to wear is very important.  Before I met my husband I was a football fan but not a college football fan. A serious part of any college sport is proudly sporting your teams colors.  My son and I now own more than a dozen Florida Gator shirts.  It is just part of being a serious fan of any college team, above is my husband son and I all proudly sporting our Gator gear.  Walmart is one of the best places to purchase any NCAA gear, we always load up when we visit Florida, or when shopping at

ncaa jesse

The NCAA is teaming with Walmart and offering a $5 gift card when a purchase of Axe, Dove Men+ and Degree products of $15 or more is made.  All details for this offer which is just in time for Christmas may be found by clicking here.  Our favorite college team hasn’t had the best season, not even sure if a bowl game is happening this year for us, but your team may be going to a bowl game.  If a team you love is going to a bowl game you and a friend could win a trip to a game!  To enter to win a trip to a college bowl game with a friend click here for more details.  NCAA bowl games are so fun, you and a friend will have a blast don’t forget to enter.

Giveaway time! Walmart NCAA are teaming up to give some lucky readers either one of 10 –  $50 Walmart gift cards or a $500 Walmart gift card!  Check out all of Jesse Palmer’s pre game playbook action, he was a Florida Gator so I have a little crush on the guy, can you blame me?

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