Why we LOVE the Munchkin LATCH bottle


Tracking PixelMunkchkin has done it again, they have come up with an amazing new product every new mother must have!  As most of you know when you are exclusively breastfeeding, one of the biggest worries is finding the perfect bottle to feed your baby milk that is pumped.  Babies are used to their mother’s breast and when you offer anything else they usually are not happy.  We all know it is frustrating when we know our child is hungry but won’t eat.  Why child, whyyyyy? If you are hungry won’t you just take any bottle?  No, babies are very particular and they won’t take just anything.  With so many choices out there it is often hard to find out which bottle your baby will take.  If you are anything like me, you have bought a plethora of baby bottles hoping your baby will like at least one. My prayers have been answered because Munchkin has sent over the new LATCH bottle for us to use and go over everything we like about it in this sponsored post.


The Munchkin LATCH bottle seems to have completely figured it out for us!  This bottle, is specially designed for breastfeeding babies, which makes it easier to go from breast to bottle and back to breast without skipping a beat.  When nursing, it is all about the latch, making sure the nipple is reaching the back of the baby’s mouth. LATCH has a unique accordion style nipple to move with baby’s mouth.  This nipple flexes, stretches, and moves just like a mothers breast would.  Since the nipple moves when baby moves her head, the nipple moves with her so she will not lose her latch and ingest air.  She has complete control of milk flow by applying pressure to the base of the nipple. The LATCH bottle also has a one-way, anti colic valve at the bottom which allows air flow to enter without causing bubbles reducing colic, as seen below.


Something terrific about this bottle is how easy it is to assemble. The nipple, the collar, the anti-colic valve, and the bottle!  That is it, 4 easy parts and you are done!  It is an exciting thing when you don’t have to search high and low around the kitchen looking for small pieces that some bottles require. I love that this bottle offers colic reduction with just four easy parts.  It is a blessing for mother and baby!

          .IMG_9283          IMG_9284

The very first time using this bottle my son took to it right away.  No hesitation whatsoever. No air, no gas, no fuss! It made for a good nights sleep for this mama and baby.


As a special offer to SoCal Savvy Mom’s readers Munchkin is offering free shipping at Munchkin.com with the purchase of any LATCH bottle or pacifier using the code LOVELATCH, the code is valid now until 12/31/14 (one per customer; U.S. residents only please).

This amazing LATCH bottle system is also available both in stores and online at Babies R’ Us.

This Express Yourself post is brought to you by Munchkin LATCH as part of the #LoveLatch campaign.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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