Adorable last minute Christmas gift ideas


We are on the count down at our house, 4 more days until Christmas!  Scrambling around for a last-minute christmas gift? Can’t figure out what to give grandma who has everything?  This gift is easy, inexpensive and oh so adorable!  Only items needed are :

  • Materials:

    Inexpensive plate (try the dollar store)

    Enamel paint

    Rubbing alcohol

    Cute little feet (sorry your can’t borrow my sons)


  1. Simply clean the plate with rubbing alcohol to get any dirt and oils off.
  2. Paint cute little feet and press on plate.  Paint words and any other design you like.
  3. Put in cold oven and turn on to 250 degrees. Set timer for 3 hours.
  4. Turn oven off and let plate cool in oven.
  5. Wrap it up, and watch in delight as they open it!

At the end you will have an adorable gift!  Merry Christmas!


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