Shop local this Christmas with Moxxie Skincare


Christmas is coming!  We wanted to make sure you had this awesome Southern California company called Moxxie on your radar this season! I loved the inspirational name and thought the idea of natural, handcrafted skincare was worth exploring.

Something I’ve found in the past is all-natural products smell great but they can tend to dissolve quickly or crumble after just a few uses. I realize it’s because they are made without all the bad-for-you-chemicals and gunk, but it’s still annoying when after two washes your soap disintegrates.

Aside from just smelling good, the products I tried, Lotsa Lavender + Oatmeal bar soap and the Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes held up nicely and made my skin feel soft. Even my son liked the “bumby soap,” which is what he called the oatmeal chunks in the Lotsa Lavendar bar.

If you’re interested in trying something new for yourself or a gift for a loved one, check out their website at (Remember to add the word “soap” to the URL, otherwise you’ll end up in the completely wrong place!).  Merry Christmas!


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