Adorable Baby Valentine’s Day gift


Valentine’s Day is coming, a few days away actually, do you have a gift for your loved one yet?  If you are still searching for the perfect, unique Valentine’s Day gift look no further, we have you covered!  This perfectly adorable footprint plate is sure to please.  Why we love it is because it is handmade and very inexpensive.  Simply stop by the dollar store on your way home and pick up these few items!

By now everyone knows that I love my baby’s foot and hand prints and will make any excuse to make a craft out of it.



Red Enamel paint (Walmart for $1.98)

A plate or two depending on how many plates you are making (Dollar store)

Rubbing alcohol (Dollar Store)

Small paint brushes (Dollar Store)

Cute little feet (sorry you can’t use my son’s)



1) Prep plate by cleaning it with the rubbing alcohol

2) Paint the cute little feet and press onto the plate to make a “V” Paint to finish the word and any other design you’d like

3) Place plate in cold oven and turn on to 250. Set time foe 3 hours

4) Turn oven off and let the plate cool completely before removing from oven


Wrap and give the perfect handmade Valentine’s Day gift!


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