Easy, DIY, Marshmallow Easter Treats


Sprinkles Treat 1

We had so much fun making these marshmallow treats last night. Not only are they very easy to make, it is a blast making them!

Sprinkles treats 4

We used white chocolate chips and melted them in the microwave at 30 second increments until it was melted. I added a tbsp of vegetable oil to make it easier to work with, my son wanted to add food dye. The colors he chose didn’t turn out so pretty, I would recommend just sticking with the white melted chocolate and not adding color.

After putting the marshmallows on sticks, pretty self explanatory there, we dipped them into the melted chocolate. Right after dipping in the chocolate we dipped in the sprinkles. We tried different color sprinkles but because it needs to be fully covered for the finished look none turned out that great.

Sprinkles Treat

After dipping into the chocolate and the sprinkles, set on wax paper to dry for about ten to fifteen minutes. Be careful with the finished product because the sprinkles like to fall off.

Sprinkles Treat 2

After the treats have set, and are firm to the touch, wrap in any decorative wrap you may have. I found this really cute duck paper at Michael’s for $0.25 a roll a few years back and was able to grab a few rolls of it. Always check Michael’s clearance area, I believe I found it in the middle of summer.

Sprinkle Treat with wrapper

The perfect finishing touch, put in a basket and add a little rubber ducky to pull it all together. I plan on taking these to my mom’s chemo nurses tomorrow, they loved the Valentine’s Oreo treats so much, I hope they like these too!

Sprinkle Treat in basket

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