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Legoland Water Park is located inside of the Legoland resort in Carlsbad, California and is an amazing place to bring your kids. We visit at least once a week during the summer, and truth be told I enjoy it as much as my kids do! A great option if you are planning on spending the day is renting a cabana. It is great to have a place to sit, relax, and refuel when needed, especially with little ones.

Cabanas are perfect for a family up 6 (although 2 additional guests may be added at $10 per person). If you have a larger party than 8, not worry you may just ask for two cabanas that are next to each other, Legoland will accommodate any request they can. Each cabana features two deluxe chaise lounges, two seating chairs, two complimentary towels, one full-size family locker rental in the Water Park locker area. Included in the cabana rental is ten beverages (juice, water, & soda) in your own mini-frig, two complimentary towels, and a duplo table with bricks for the kids to play with. One of my favorite things about being a cabana guest is you will receive front-of-line-access to Pirate Reef (once per hour, Water Park exit only) as well as unlimited float time on the Lazy River.

The cabanas 1-16 are in the main water park and are considered standard cabanas. Cabanas 17-28 are located in the Chima area, 18-24 are considered premium cabanas and 25-28 are private premium cabanas. If you are traveling with someone or someones who would like to go unnoticed while at the water park cabanas 25-28 are perfect for you.

For older children ages 6 years and up I would recommend the cabanas by the Build a Raft River, the cabanas in that area are Shark, Manta Ray, Parrot and Dolphin (13-16).  All of these are great because they are right by the Joker SoakerTwin ChasersSplash Out, and the Orange Crush, where you can watch you kids go down the larger water slides.

The other somewhat ‘new’ area of the Legoland Waterpark is the CHIMA theme area. The cabanas in this area are 23-28 and are near the Lion Temple Wave PoolEglor’s Build a BoatEglors Build a BoatCrug’s Run and the Croolers Twist. Please take note there is a height requirement for the Wave Pool of 42 inches.

If you have younger children under age 6 reserve a cabana in the Duplo Splash Safari area, the best cabanas in this area are 1-5 my favorite being the Polar Bear. The Polar Bear cabana is very close to the three water slides for younger children. If you have toddlers or babies the cabanas Tiger, Giraffe, and Elephant(10-12) are great options because they are right by the Safari Splash Zoo. If you would like to be in the Chima area of the park with younger children the best cabanas are 17-22 because they surround Cragger’s Swamp. Cragger’s Swamp hosts Crug’s Run a fun hands on area for younger children and includes two different water slides. The costs for the cabanas depend on the hours the park is open and which area you choose to be in. For more details on prices and hours visit Legoland’s website here.

If you do not plan to purchase a cabana plan to arrive at the water park when it opens. This will allow for you to get a chair or chairs near where your children will spend most of his or her day. If you are saving chairs only save chair for the number of adults in your party, the kids will be playing nearly the entire day and don’t need a chair. Most of the chairs will fill up fast if you want to have a place to put your things you should consider a cabana rental. Entry into the water park is very minimal, the cost of the cabana will make your day a lot more enjoyable.

Please note if you are a guest of the Legoland Hotel see the concierge because they will offer special pricing for you. If you plan to reserve a cabana I would recommend you do so in advance by calling (760) 438-5346, a minimum of one day prior to your visit is required.

10am-5pm $130 $150  $200
 10am-6pm $130 $150  $200
 10am-7pm $200 $225  $300
 12pm-5pm $100 $125 $150


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