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Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, I love my kitchen, I love all my kitchen gadgets, it is my happy place. I am however notorious for forgetting one or two of the ingredients needed to make something. It is hard to make chili without chili powder, but I’ve done it on one or more occasion. One of my husbands co-workers had mentioned Blue Apron to us and said she could give us a free week, so we said sign us up! Blue Apron delivers to your home all of the fresh ingredients needed to make a delicious meal for as many people as you wish. My husband and I decided to try the 2-person plan with three meals a week to start.

Blue Apron Box 1

When you sign up for Blue Apron you are able to choose between six different entrees. I am not sure why but if you choose one entree it may black out another entree and say it is unavailable. For 2 people doing 3 meals a week the cost is $59.94, so it works out to about $20 a meal for two. Blue Apron sends all of the ingredients to you for the week in one big box, so for us we had 6 meals and all the ingredients delivered on a Wednesday. I was so excited to receive my first box, it was like being a kid on Christmas.

Blue Apron smaller

The first meal I made was an Almond-Crusted Cod with snap peas & radish-red quinoa salad. It took about 45 minutes from prep to finish and I loved all the new ingredients I’d never used before. I am not a huge fan of fish which is why I wanted to try this dish first. If they could win me over on a fish dish I knew I would love everything else. It won my husband and I over big time! We both ate every bite.
2P_032615_2_20R_033115_20Almond_20Cod-2749_high_menu_thumbThe same co-worker that had offered us a free week also offered free weeks to two of my husbands other co-workers. This is where the competition and food pictures began. Every night around 7 my husband’s phone would start erupting with dinner photos. The picture below was our second meal, Piri-Piri Chicken with coconut smashed plantains and stewed collard greens. I had never cooked with plantains or collard greens before and was hesitant about what it would turn out like. This meal was one of our favorite out of the 9 meals I cooked for us. I believe it may have won best picture that night from my husband’s co-workers. It was so fun to have a competition, a cooking competition at that with all of the men my husband works with. He works for a TV sports company a big TV sports company and to see all these men cooking almost every night and sharing their stories the next day was so funny, but they are men and I suppose can make anything into a competition.

blue apron chicken

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