Bugaboo Runner Stroller Review


Bugaboo runnerFinally Bugaboo has come out with the Bugaboo Runner for all of us active moms! The Runner comes as a complete jogging stroller set or for existing Bugaboo owners you may purchase just the chassis. If you currently own a Bugaboo Cameleon³, Bugaboo Bee (2010 model onwards), Bugaboo Donkey and Bugaboo Buffalo seats* they will click into the jogging extension with ease. There are different connecting hooks to make the chassis connect to your current Bugaboo seat. It is very easy to click the seats on and off of the base as seen in the video below.

A great feature on the Bugaboo Runner is the light weight seat, which makes it very easy to switch from one Bugaboo stroller to the other. There is a large basket under the seat for storage for all the things we need for our little ones. The seat is adjustable to either seat facing out or facing you as you jog.


The Bugaboo Runner comes as a complete set for $815, or you may purchase just the chassis from $400 to $425 depending on which Bugaboo you currently own.

Bugaboo laying down

The seat also has different adjustable positions, laying down completely, as above, seated middle as below.

bugaboo middle

The picture below is the seat completely upright.

bugaboo all the way seated

There is a large canopy that covers the seat to protect your baby from the sun when you are out on a run, as seen below.

bugaboo laying down with shade

To see the Bugaboo Runner in action see our video below. More information may be found by visiting Bugaboo.com.

*See suitability and recommended use of Bugaboo seats.

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