New Kinsa Smart Thermometer


The new smart thermometer for smart moms is finally here, let me introduce you to Kinsa the Smart Thermometer! What do all of us have next to us (or near by) nearly all hours of the day? Our smartphones! That is why Kinsa truly is the most innovative product for moms on the go I have seen. It is a simple as plugging the thermometer into a smartphone, and downloading the free app. Since Kinsa uses the processing power from a smartphone there are no batteries required. It is light weight, very durable and easy to bring with you anywhere.

Last week my son was home from school ALL week, his fever was up and down everyday. When he woke up at 4 am with a raging fever and I couldn’t find the thermometer I almost lost it. I have a sick kid crying, knowing he had a fever but couldn’t find out what it was made me feel like a horrible mother. My husband seeing how frustrated I was saw the Kinsa Thermometer and said that is what we need.


After receiving the Kinsa thermometer I will never use another one again. It is so easy to bring with you anywhere, and because we travel  often this was a huge selling point for me. The other thermometer, you know the one I couldn’t find last week, is big, bulky, and requires batteries. Have you gone to take your child’s temperature only to find the thermometer is beeping at you for low batteries? Kinsa is thin and flexible, making it not only more comfortable, but also the most unbreakable thermometer on the market for all ages. Kids love Kinsa’s bubble popping game, bright colors, and simple, visual symptom options so much that they don’t only stay put for readings, they ask for Kinsa again and again.


  • 10 second average read time
  • Exceeds both ASTM and ISO standards for professional accuracy
  • For use by infants, children and adults
  • For use orally, under the arm or rectally
  • Clean with soap & water or alcohol, or use with a standard disposable probe cover
  • Optional extension cord allows you and your child to watch and interact with the screen while in use


Kinsa Smart Stick only – $24.99

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The first stick thermometer requested by kids, Kinsa is virtually unbreakable, and so much fun to use.

  • Simple, accurate 10-second readings for all ages
  • Durable, wired, battery-free design
  • For oral, underarm and rectal use

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