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Have you heard of ZoomKIT? My son and niece LOVE it! The ZoomKIT is a portable travel table that works with car seats, boosters, strollers or stand alone. There are special activity inserts your kids will love like the ZoomSNACK and ZoomART. Coming soon to the market will be WeeZOOM, sensory playstation, ZoomPLAY filled with road and travel games, and ZoomTEK the tablet holding insert with a long battery life.

zoom kit

The ZoomSNACK is an insert perfect for families always on the go. I can’t tell you how many times I have handed my son something to eat in the car only for it to fall on the floor. Then you hear the dreaded “Mom, I can’t reach it” or “Mom, it fell” or my personal favorite “Mom, it spilled” With the snack insert all of the previous struggles you have had with your kids in the car are gone! It keeps snacks or meals in a Bento style food insert. There is a tethered spork on the top so your child can’t EVER drop it on the floor. My favorite thing about this insert is that it is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. The ‘green mom’ in me loves that it is both BPA and Phthalate-Free. It can be used by itself or inserted into the ZoomKit travel table.

zoom kit

The ZoomART Space Magic insert is a fun creative kit for families on the go! Boys and girls will love the activities in space with aliens, rocket ships and planets. All ZoomArt inserts feature activities and illustrations by different featured artists. Same as the ZoomSnack it may be used alone or with the ZoomKit travel table. The ZoomArt features a reusable dry eraser board activity book with mazes, dot-to-dots, matching games and coloring book. All of the dry eraser pen and crayons have easy to use holders so everything stays in place while in the car or on the go. You can make your own art kits with stamps, stickers, learning puzzles, or whatever your child enjoys to play with.

zoom kits

The ZoomKit is for ages 18 months to up to 7 or 8 years. My son is a 9 year old still in a booster seat and and loves his ZoomKit, he especially loves to do puzzles in it.

ZoomKIT decreases driving distractions, helps your carseat or booster work properly as your child is engaged in activities and not wiggling and squirming out of the belts, and offers a projectile-safe surface. Not having screaming, hungry, bored kids in a car makes a difference!

Never sure how they manage to make such a mess? Start them early with a system for a car and give them the tools to meet their own needs so you can focus on the road! ZoomTOTE secures onto the seat through an unused seat-belt so it won’t slip and slide. Your kids can reach into the bag to swap activities and item and neatly put them back after use. All inserts are designed for portability.

The ZoomKit can be purchased separately or as a kit. There is one bundle that contains the ZoomKIT table, ZoomART & ZoomSNACK… the perfect starter combo for your family on the go, it comes in fuchsia, and turquoise. For the full set it is only $89.99. To purchase your ZoomKIT click here!

Stay tuned we are giving one away!

This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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