Chooze Shoes as seen on Fox 5


CHOOZE Shoes were started by a family because their daughter refused to wear the same shoes. Everyday she without fail grab two different shoes and put them on. Knowing her daughter loved this Sharon started Chooze so all kids could mix and match their shoes! Sharon wanted to embrace her daughter’s creative spirit and create a company that would inspire kids and help them tap into their creativity and confidence. CHOOZE was created to serve as a daily reminder to kids to celebrate what makes them unique, to think different, and to be confident in whom they are.


This morning we were happy to share the CHOOZE Shoes line with views on Fox 5 San Diego. The news anchor Shally is expecting her third child and her first girl! Chooze was happy to send some adorable Weechooze in Behave Pink, the left shoe has flowers the right has poke-dots, both in beautiful pink.


My Godson is 2 1/2 and I choose to get him the Scout in Rock, I also got a matching pair for his new baby brother. I can not wait to see those boys strutting their stuff in their matching CHOOZE Shoes in Rock. The left shoe has skull and cross-bones, and the right has guitars on it, both in matching grey, white and black, the shoe retails for $48.95.


Evan my nice is 7 and I told her she could pick out any shoes she wanted, I didn’t know what she would pick with the large array of different types of shoes and different styles. When Molly (her stepmom) called to tell me what she picked I loved it! I said she picked the Punky Brewster shoes! Apparently that means I’m showing I’m in my 30’s because Molly didn’t know who that was. The shoes Evan picked are so adorable they are the Spark in Reach and retail for $54.95.


CHOOZE has an apparel line with dresses, skirts, shorts, and leggings for girls. To see some of the adorable girls clothing that start at only $27.95 click here. There is also a full line of reversible backpacks and lunch boxes for both boys and girls. The lunch boxes are only $24.95 and there are so many fun designs to choose from.


CHOOZE shoes are 100% Vegan, the ‘Green Mom’ I am love that no animals were harmed in the making of these shoes. There are also anti-microbial removable padded insoles, for easy removal for washing. Chooze full line includes sandals, Mary-Janes, Slip-Ons, Sneakers, Slippers, Loafters, Ballet Flats and infant shoes called Weechooze. The shoes retail between $24.95 to $54.95, to see the full line visit CHOOZE Website here.


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