Crying over spilled a2 Milk!


This post was sponsored by a2 Milk® as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Did you know that one in four people experience discomfort after drinking milk? My son, my husband and myself are all part of this group. In our house we have three different types of milk, that is not a joke. My son drinks organic whole milk, I drink almond milk and my husband drinks coconut milk. When this campaign came up I knew it was a perfect fit for my family, if I could buy one less type of milk it would make my life so much easier. I am so excited to share I have been chosen to be apart of the a2 Milk®  Ambassador Program. What I like about a2 Milk® is it has all the proteins milk should have and none of the A1 which is the cause of most dairy discomfort.


I didn’t tell my son when I exchanged his regular whole milk for the A2 whole milk in his morning cereal. He asked if the milk was different, my husband told him it was and asked if he liked it. He said yes! Why is this so much better? We explained that ordinary cows’ milk contains a mix of both A1 and A2 proteins, yet only A2 Milk comes from cows selected to naturally produce only A2 protein. Which is what makes all the difference. I think we lost him on the last part because he is a little guy, however what he did understand is less chemicals is better for him.

orion milk

I should also mention while my son was eating his morning cereal there was an incident. The horrible mother I am… I ran to grab my phone to capture this picture because it was pretty funny. But how could I not? Who knew while writing a blog post one of the funniest photos ever happened! (He was fine once I cleaned him up, and most important told him he could have a new bowl of cereal with the a2 Milk®)



a2 Milk® is available in half gallon cartons for $4.49 and include whole milk, reduced fat 2%, low fat 1% and fat free.

It is available for purchase nationally at Sprouts, The Fresh Market, Whole Foods – Mid Atlantic and throughout California in Whole Foods, Ralph’s, Sprouts, Gleson’s and many more. We purchased it at Sprouts located in Carlsbad, California.


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