Mother’s Day Giveaway ($2,000 value)



We are so happy to share with you our Mother’s Day Giveaway with a retail value over $2,000! There are so amazing products we are giving away including:

bandana nursing cover





Beloforte is a new workout line that is all the rage with celebrities right now.  We are in love with everything they make, below are the pants we are giving away, but to check out their full line of clothes check out their lookbook here.



The gorgeous rose gold bracelet below is made by Maria Shireen, not only is it beautiful but it has a purpose too! What mom doesn’t wear a hair tie around her wrist from time to time? Let’s be honest well have all done it. Problem with doing that is it is a bit of an eyesore and leaves a dent in your wrist. Maria’s husband decided to make her a bracelet so she could bring fashion to her hair tie, and the bittersweet line was born. The bracelets come in gold, rose gold, and silver and come in different sizes for different size wrists. I have one and wear it all the time, another thing I love is all you have to do is change the hair tie color and it can match any outfit you have instantly. To see the full line of what Bittersweet has to offer check out their website here.


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