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jones creekEating a healthy diet is very important to my family, my husband and I rarely eat any meat that isn’t grass-fed, free range or organic. Which is why I was overjoyed when Jones Creek reached out to ask if I would review some of their steaks. First let me tell you what Jones Creek is about and that is grass-fed, 100% free range, and grass-finished premium beef. Jones Creek cows don’t ever seen the inside of a cage, and they are also fed grass their entire lives. All of the beef has no added hormones and no added steroids.

jones creek

Jones Creek has a range of products including ground beef, roasts and a full line of steaks. The steaks offered are Top Sirloin, Filet Minion, Ribeye, and New York steaks. I was able to choose 5 steaks, I choose 3 New York steaks and 2 Ribeye steaks. My husband and I prepared and cooked the Ribeye steaks with just salt and pepper and cooked on the grill for a few minutes per side. We were both amazed at the flavor and how tender the steaks were, to say they were delicious would be a huge understatement.

jones creek

The following week my mother in law was in town and I wanted to see if she could tell the difference between grass-fed and regular steaks. Her and my father in law live in Jacksonville and are big red meat fans. I was excited to see if she would like the steaks, my husband cooked the New York steaks for us which turned out to be perfection. My mother in law Carol loved the steak and asked where we got it and how we prepared it. She was shocked when I told her I picked it up from Walmart. And that Jones Creek Beef has an entire selection of beef to choose from at Walmart stores across the nation. It is sold in store only at very reasonable prices. For more information on Jones Creek Beef you may visit their website here. To find a store near you that has Jones Creek Beef click here for a store locator.

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