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We were so excited to share all about the Switch Witch and the magic of Switchcraft! Switch Witch is something we love because it gives children the option of doing something else with their Halloween candy rather than just eating it. The day after Halloween the kids know they still have a ton of candy left over and of course will ask for some of it. Instead of giving them the candy you can ‘switch’ the candy out for a great book or a toy they really want. My son has ADHD and adding excess sugar is horrible for him, which is why Switch Witch hit home for me.

It is also really important for children with food allergies, and celiac who can’t eat most of the Halloween candy given out. They partner with the Teal Pumpkin Project, which allows parents of children with food allergies to know where it is safe for their children to trick-or-treat. When parents see a ‘Teal Pumpkin’ they know it is safe, also new this year there is a map so parents can go house by house which houses are safe for their kids. They partner with Operation Shoebox where candy donations are sent to soldiers worldwide. Beginning November 1-10, kids can donate their Halloween candy at various candy drop off locations throughout the US.

The idea of Switch Witch came when award winning author Audrey Kinsman’s son was trick-or-treating. She saw his disappointment knowing he wouldn’t be able to eat most of the candy he was brining home due to a food allergy. That is where the idea of ‘Switchcrafting’ came about! Now kids across the country can be apart of switching candy for any reason. Switch Witch is available on their website for a small price and on Amazon.

switch witch

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