Minion MiP now available!


The Minion MiP is now available! With the up coming release of Despicable Me 3, WowWee has just released a new Minion MiP! We have had it for a few days in our house and the kids are fighting over who gets to play with it! I wish we had three of them, it is so fun and the dance mode is our favorite. Today on LIVE TV it lost connection to my phone so I uploaded a fun video to my Instagram here. It is so fun and easy to use, so easy even a 4 year told can do it. It just went on sale yesterday at Best Buy for only $79.99, to purchase or for more information click here.

Minion MiP(TM) Turbo Dave – WowWee’s award-winning MiP robot combined seamlessly with one of the world’s most popular character brands, MINIONS launches in advance of Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me 3 in theaters June 30th, 2017 distributed by Universal Pictures.

Have you ever wanted to have your very own loyal henchman to help carry out all of your mischievous schemes? Meet Turbo Dave, your own personal Minion™! Turbo Dave responds to hand gestures using GestureSense(TM) technology and can even navigate your room. Download the Turbo Dave App to control your Minion remotely, plan paths for him to self-navigate, add Minion emotions, or even have your Minion interact with other characters and props from the Despicable Me™ franchise. Also included is a coding platform for high-tech programming fun and more. When desperate times call for DESPICABLE measures, Wowwee’s Turbo Dave can bring in the mischievous fun!

Suggested retail: $79.99 on sale NOW at Best Buy, soon at Target, Amazon, TRU and other major retailers.

To purchase at Best Buy click here


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