Are Divorced Dads better dads?


With Father’s Day a few days away I wanted to share how much respect I have for the divorced dads of the world. There are so many different types of divorced dads, there are weekend dads, 50/50 dads and even FULL TIME dads!

Let me start by saying I 100% believe my ex husband is now a better father than he ever was while we were married, and he would agree with me. My ex husband has actually thanked me for leaving because his relationship with our child has changed drastically. I will also add that he wasn’t a bad dad, he just left most of the ‘kid stuff’ to me. Divorced dads don’t have someone to help with the ‘kid stuff’ which is different in each situation.

Divorced dads do all the things us moms do, they go to work, do laundry, clean house, bathe children, feed children and everything in between. Single moms have been doing this for years so what is the difference? The main difference is men are just not as good at it, don’t get mad most men just aren’t. Which is why I think divorced dads have a leg up on married dads. Divorced dads do it all and without any help.

It may just be my personal experience but I think the divorced dads of the world are unsung heroes. Whether that means coaching their kid’s soccer team, taking them fishing, being at every school play, or just having the energy at the end of the day to play with them.

Dads from the 1950’s would look at dads today and would probably think the men are foolish. Can you imagine a dad in the 50’s changing a diaper? Doing the laundry AND then making dinner? No way! That simply wouldn’t have happened then, but it happens every single day in houses across America. Dads have really stepped up and I want to say thank you, thank you to the dads who do it all.

Little girls are growing up seeing dads cleaning the house, showing our little girls cleaning isn’t a woman’s job. Gender roles are so different now, especially with divorced dads who do it all. Happy Father’s day to the divorced dads of the world, I see you, good job and keep up the hard work!




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