Home Brew Mart by Ballast Point @ The Presidio Plaza


The Presidio Plaza is a one stop shop for treats, relaxation, pizza and one of my personal favorites a Ballast Point Home Brew Mart. Everything you need to brew right from the comfort of your own home. From simple starter kits, to advanced all grain brewing systems, they have everything you need to brew the beer you want. The Presidio Plaza is located at 5261-5401 Linda Vista Road San Diego, CA 92110.

There are even classes offered to teach you everything from Nitro Systems to a Kegging Demo, classes are offered at the Presidio Plaza location only. Starter kids start as low as $75 and Includes the following:

  • 3 gallon plastic conical fermentor with spigot
  • 3/8 inch bottle filler (tubing attached)
  • Double wing capper
  • 144 bottle caps
  • 4 oz. bottle Io-Star sanitizing solution
  • 3 piece airlock
  • Rubber stopper
  • Carbonation tablets
  • 3 lbs. light dried malt extract
  • 2 oz. Centennial pellet hops
  • 1 pkg. Safale US-05 American Ale Yeast



7/27 – Kombucha (moved from 7/13): It’s the fermentation sensation that’s taking the world by storm! Aside from its refreshing tartness and its probiotic benefits, it can also be you’re new favorite home-brewed alcoholic beverage. Stop in this Thursday and we’ll tell you all about this fermented tea and all its glorious potential!

8/3 – Kegging Demo: Interested in getting into kegging? We’ll demonstrate the kegging process and show you the whole new world that opens up when you have a draft system to add to your brewing setup.

8/10 – Hops: If you’re looking to experiment with new hops, but don’t want to risk a 5 gallon batch on a mere whim, we’ve got the perfect strategy to isolate the hop flavor. Stop in for more details, and some excellent hop samples!

8/17– Nitro Systems: If you’ve ever wondered what it means when a beer is put on nitro, come on in and let us share our knowledge and dispel the myths about those beers of cascading creaminess!

8/24 – Brew in a Bag: BIAB is a method of all-grain brewing that allows a kind transition from brewing with extract to brewing with all grain. BIAB does require a larger pot (at least 8gal), a wort chiller (for the larger pot), and a large sparging bag, but does not require a mash tun with a false bottom or a hot liquor tank with a sparge arm. This workshop will include a demonstration of the mashing, lautering and sparging processes.

8/31 – Adding Fruit and Spices: Despite boundless criticism, we home brewers actually enjoy crazy ingredients in our beer: coffee, chocolate, spices, fruits, peppers, in short, whatever we can find. Stop in to hear about a way to use them to your advantage.

Tasting Room

The Home Brew Mart at the Presidio hosts tastings and has a Food Truck Schedule. The tasting room hours are:

Mon–Thurs 10:00am–10:00pm
Fri–Sun 9:00am–10:00pm

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