Kona Kakes @ The Presidio


Pina Colada Cake 

Kona Kakes specializes in authentic Hawaiian cakes. It is located in the Presidio Shopping Center at 5401 Linda Vista Rd, #402 San Diego, CA 92110 They have everything from a small cake perfect for two, to a large full sheet size cake for Luaus, to a tiered cake design for weddings. Kona Kakes bakes with the delicious flavors from island fruits such as pineapples, mangoes, guavas, coconuts, passion fruit and macadamia nuts that come from the Big Island of Hawaii. Chocolate and Vanilla Beans grown and cultivated from the islands of Hawaii are also used in the bakery recipes.

White Chocolate Strawberry

Mango Mouse 

Carmel Macadamia Nut with Hazelnut Creme

All of the cakes and pudding are made from scratch daily, for delicious goodness in every bite. Kona Kakes also has catering just like on any island of Hawaii, think of a yummy plate lunch and that is what you will get. Their catering options are incredibly priced for such delicious food choices. For more information on Kona Kakes and catering visit their store at The Presidio Shopping Center located at 5401 Linda Vista Rd, #402 San Diego, CA 92110, or via their website here.


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