Wrap up…Philly House Party on HSN


The last few moments on The Home Shopping Network for my Philadelphia Cooking Creme House Party might have been the best.  We all had an incredible time, we enjoyed the food and I was finally ready for a glass of wine.  As chef Todd English was saying good bye to all of us, my beautiful friend Lauren decided to kiss our beautiful friend Marsha.  This kiss was on the cheek however we were on live TV…  A producer from HSN called the producer who was at my house and told her there was a major problem.  Apparently my producer didn’t see the kiss and was shocked when she heard about it.  She yelled out… “was there a kiss on air?”  Lauren looked like a deer caught in the headlights… I wish I had a picture of that moment!  Everything worked out just fine but it will always be know as “THE KISS” in my house!  Enjoy the last few pictures of the night coming to an end, as far as on the air that is.  I don’t think my friends ended up leaving until 1 AM!

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