Disneyland ~ 1 of 3


We just spent the last two days at the Disneyland Resort and to say I am tired is the understatement of the year!  Yes we had fun, yes the kids had fun, yes the weather was nice and YES it was crowded!  If I ever say I am going to Disneyland in the summer please just kill me!  The first day we spent it at California Adventure, which was not too crowded.  We went on the new Ariel Ride, Toy Story Mania, Soarin’ Over California, we watched the Disney Jr. Live show and the World of Color.  The kids did pretty well considering they were all dressed up in Disney charachter outfits and it was 80 outside.  Most of the lines times were over an hour and to our surprise the kids did great in the lines.  I was more annoyed because the single male rider behind us in line was getting a little too close for comfort.  I’m sorry but what is a middle aged man doing alone at Disneyland?  It gives me the creeps, anyone with me on this?  Am I the only one who looks at these men like they are crazy?  Or am I crazy?

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