Big Bay Boom is a BUST!


The Big Bay Boom has been apart of San Diego’s 4th of July celebration for over 12 years now, it usually is the best show in town.  With fireworks being set from 4 different barges in the bay, plus from the end of the Imperial Beach Pier.  There usually is even special music choreographed to the fireworks on the SD station Walrus, but none of that happened this year.

This year it was a big bust!  Apparently there was a computer “glitch” which caused 3 of the barges to all set off at once.   After the fireworks malfunctioned, August Santore, co-owner of Garden State Fireworks, told San Diego television stations, “We apologize to all the residents and all the people who missed their fireworks.”

Really Mr. Santore?  Really?  That isn’t enough!  People drove from all over San Diego county, with their kids, stood in the cold (yes it was cold on the 4th in San Diego) and what did they get?  A 25-second firework show?  If you blinked you may have missed it!  What about all of the out-of-town guests who paid for hotel rooms over looking the bay just for the fireworks show?

I apologize to any of my readers who went to the show and were horrible let down.  See below a picture of all of the fireworks being set off all at once.

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