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photo-7Last week SoCal Savvy Mom was apart of the Fitness Magazine event Fit Blog LA.  There were incredible speakers like Tony Horton creator of P90X, he talked about his fitness routines.  If one day he does upper body the next day will be lower body, he loves changing it up and for his down day he loves doing yoga.  The number one thing he said people don’t do is get enough sleep, it is the time your body needs to heal.

fitness mag event

The next speaker was Alyse Levine R.D. to talk about the issues we all have with food.  She spoke about ditching food rules and just eating what you love.  Now that doesn’t mean eat a cheeseburger and french fries everyday but every once in a while its okay!  Eat it and enjoy it and don’t tell yourself “I can’t eat this again for months” because that is one of those rules we tell ourselves.  When we eat junk food it is almost like a little secret we don’t want to admit to ourselves.  Eat what you love and be aware of what you are eating and why you are eating.  Am I really hungry?  Or do those cookies just look really good?

photo-9After the first two speakers we were invited to go downstairs to visit with all the sponsors of the event.  First we went to the Saucony booth to check out the awesome new Guide7 that is so new it isn’t even in stores yet!  Saucony is an amazing company because of all of the science that goes into their shoes, yes science.  The new Guide7 really is every runners dream shoe for so many reasons, and we love this shoe!

photo-14Did you know Roxy makes workout clothes?  Well now you do!  Check out my new Roxy pants and top, not only are they incredibly comfortable but great for working out!  I took a hike in Torrey Pines with my new Roxy clothes and Saucony shoes and felt incredible the entire time.  Some of my other favorite items were the Oakley sunglasses, CamelBak water bottle, Dermalogica samples, Murad lightening serum and many many more! Thank you to Fitness Magazine for including SoCal Savvy Mom in the Fit Blog LA event!





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