Cheese, desserts, more cheese and wine… Heaven.. close it is Whole Foods!


Incase you missed it let me fill you in on what was going on at Whole Foods Encinitas on Thursday at their Dressing Rehearsal.  We arrived right at 6 because we didn’t want to miss out on any of the yummy tastings they had to offer.  Our first stop was at Jackie’s Jams for a jample and it was pretty much the best jam I’ve ever had.  Jackie’s Jams are made locally in San Diego and my favorite thing is they never use high fructose, corn syrup, coloring or flavoring.



If you are going to a holiday party and would like to bring a little something sweet Whole Foods has you covered!  Tons of options and all decorated for the holiday season, with prices starting at only $2.99 you will be sure to find something amazing!



I am not going to lie my favorite stop on our sampling tour was in the wine department (shocking I know!) but the main reason is Steve!  We were sampling 3 different Cabernet Sauvignon from 3 different price-points.  The first was in the $10-$15 range and was nice and sweet, the next was in the $20-$25 range and was a smoother, and then the winner of course was the $30-$40 wine.  Steve is so knowledgeable about every single wine in the store because he personally has hand-picked every bottle!  I was able to tell him what type of wine I was looking for and he found me the most amazing bottle normally $40 on sale for $25, I grabbed that bottle of wine quick!

DSCN1695Whole Foods has literally everything you will need this holiday season whether you are hosting a party or going to a party and need to bring something.  The pre-paid food items are not only delicious but made fresh everyday!  Do yourself a favor and ‘Like’ Whole Foods Encinitas on Facebook, they post one-day sale items on the Facebook page that you will not want to miss!  Happy Holidays!

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