Whole Foods 3-Day Whole Body Sale Jan. 24-26


It is that time of year again!  Finally!  Whole Foods is having the 3-Day Whole Body Sale which includes 25% off thousands products, including vitamins, fish oli, herbs, homeopathic medicine supplements, proteins, meal enhancers, superfoods (my hubby’s favorite) chia & flax seeds and much, more!

It is no secret we love supplements in our family, our son has been using the ones we purchase from Whole Foods for years!  That is why this sale is so awesome!  My son does not like anything with meat, and let’s be honest what kid really loves fresh vegetables?  If your child does, I am happy for you because I couldn’t get my son to eat one to save my life!  We realized that instead of the night-time argument over eating his dinner we would just purchase supplements.  It has been a lifesaver, meal time is much happier and we know he is getting all the things a little boy needs! A one-month supply for my son’s is usually $29.99, the 25% off is great savings, and reason to stock up.  Wondering what supplements could help your child?  Whole Foods has a full list of them that may be found here.

The 3-day sale also includes cleanse and detox kits, it is the new year, if you need to detox pick up one of the many items at Whole Foods with amazing savings.  Not sure what would work best for you?  Whole Foods has the most incredible people who can help you with any and I really do men any question you may have.  They also have a list for nutritional support for men and women, and women who are expecting.

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disclaimer: this is a sponsored post for whole foods

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