What is your Disney side?


images-2We love Disney!  But then again who doesn’t love Disney?  We love Disney so much we were asked to host a party to show our Disney Side, and it was so fun!  We planned a party for my niece who was turning 5 and had a princess (for the girls) and mickey mouse (for the boys) party!  The kids loved the snacks from craisins especially because Mickey Mouse was on them!


To go with our Disney Side theme we made colorful fruit skewers for the kids to enjoy!  When ever something is colorful I feel like kids are more likely to start munching on it.  We added two blueberries, two purple grapes, a raspberry, a tangerine slice, pineapple, and two green grapes.  The fruit skewers were gone before I knew it!  I wish I had made more, because I turned around and the kids had eaten them all up!


I have showed you the healthy snacks we served and I’m not going to lie we also had a candy table.  What kid doesn’t love a candy table?  The theme for our candy table was more the princess theme with purple and pink being the major colors.  The candy table was put off to the side so kids didn’t see it right when they walked in.  I told every child they could take a small bag of candy home with them if their parents would let them.  I think the parents may have enjoyed the candy table more than the children!

candy table

Some of the fun games we played were pin the tiara on the princess, and pin Mickey’s ears on Mickey!  It was very cute to see the little girls line up to see who could pin the tiara closest!  The little girls took the game a lot more serious than the boys.  The boys would take off the eye mask and just laugh, just little boys acting like boys!


We loved sharing our Disney Side with our guests and with you.  How do you show your Disney Side?

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