Summer Fun at Knott’s Berry Farm


Knott’s Berry Farm is fun for everyone!  This past weekend we were invited to see all of the Summer Fun going on at Knott’s Berry Farm and we loved it.  The new Camp Snoopy has three new rides this year including my son’s favorite the Linus Launcher.  Kids lay on Linus’ blanket and relive a classic Peanut’s moment as Snoopy grabs the blanket and launches kids up to 10 feet in the air.

Knott’s has a new video to show you just how fun this ride is, along with the other new rides at Camp Snoopy.  To see the video click here.

Knott's pic

The next ride was Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies, my son loved the all-terrain vehicle. But what he really loved was the bouncing, spinning and the bumps on this ride.  Tons of giggles and laughing was happening on this ride! 


We pretty much hit up every ride in Camp Snoopy…. Flying Ace (flying with Snoopy) Timberline Twister (a mini roller coaster)  Rapid River Run (think white water rafting, without the water) Camp Bus (large school bus ride) and what visit would be complete without the High Sierra Ferris Wheel!  Once we hit up almost everything in Camp Snoopy we headed over to the Fiesta Plaza were we went straight to the Hat Dance.  The picture below is my son and I waiting in line for the Hat Dance ride.  He was so excited upon learning he was tall enough to go on without me he asked if I could just watch him, I of course let him go by himself, he felt like such a big kid!


Next we went on the ride you can’t miss while at Knott’s Berry Farm, its a tradition, the Calico Mine Ride!  It was actually one of Knott’s first rides back in the 60’s, of what life was like for miners in the 1850’s.  Earlier in the year this ride shut down for five months for a renovation and you can delinatley see all the changes, and it is pretty remarkable.


During the summer Knott’s Berry Farm offers special Summer Shows, our favorite was an ice show called Snoopy Unleashed!    The show is about Snoopy and him wanting to do and go where he wants… unleashed!  All of the performers are on ice-skates, and wow they are incredibly talented!  At one point one of the performers is hanging 40 feet up in the air!  There is fun music and singing accopmanying the show.  Snoopy Unleashed is only during the summer months, it is also a great place to cool off during the warm summer days, the show runs now until August 24th.  


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