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Holiday cards are the beginning of the holiday season for our family, every year we send cards to our friends and family around the globe. It is one of my favorite things to do, it helps get me into the holiday spirit.  Living in Southern California it doesn’t often seem like Christmas time when it is 75 outside so starting my holiday card shopping early helps.  What is great about getting your holiday card shopping done early may be not having to worry about it in December or maybe the extra money you can save!  For us it is both, and my main problem is which card to choose?  Minted is fantastic because there are so many options, do you want your cards printed on 100% recycled paper?  No problem!  Minted will even pre-print all of your addresses FREE of charge for a limited time only.  Take advantage of this great free option most online retailers will charge you at least $20 extra for this option.


This card is a picture of my husband and I on our annual vacation in San Jose del Cabo at a farm to table restaurant called Flora Farms. It was our favorite restaurant while on vacation this summer and one of the highlights of our trip, as you can probably tell by the huge smiles on our faces.  My favorite feature on the Deco Lines Foil-Pressed is the real foil which sparkles!  A card that shines is my kind of card.


The Family Snap Shots card is in the top spot for me!  One of the reasons I love this card is you can incorporate lots of pictures from throughout the year. I included a surfing contest where my son won first price during his surf camp.  A family picture from earlier in the year, a picture of our son on a beach on our vacation and I even included our wedding picture which was ten years ago this December!  Being able to add little captions under each picture is another reason I really love this card.


The card above the Southern Accent Holiday Card, is a fun card with great holiday cheer.  The picture with santa and the ho ho ho matched perfectly for this holiday card!

Minted has all types of cards from holiday, Christmas, New Years, and corporate cards, there are of course photo cards as you see above but also a wide variety of non-photo cards.  There are a few different designs that say “Happy Everything” which I believe is so clever sometimes you are sending a card and you don’t know what someone is celebrating.  All of the cards are made by designers and Minted has really done something incredible for the art and design communities around the country.  Choose your Minted Holiday Cards this season!  For a limited time Minted is offering 15% OFF HOLIDAY ORDERS $150+, 10% OFF $100+. USE JOY14 | THE FREE FOIL EVENT: 20% OFF FOIL-PRESSED CARDS. USE FOIL2014.

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