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This weekend my co blogger Robyn and I were talking about booster seats.  How long do children have to be in a booster sea?  Is it until they are 8 years old?  Is it after they weigh 85 pounds or a specific height?   So we looked it up and were amazed at what we didn’t know!  First did you know children under 8 HAVE TO BE IN A BOOSTER SEAT?  Say what?  My son is probably the smallest in his class weight and height so he is still in a booster seat at 8, and probably will be until 5th grade at this point.  I’m only 5’2 so the chances of my child reaching 4’9 anytime soon are not very likely.  Below are the most important information from the California Department of public health.

Booster Seats

  • Children under 8 years old must be in a booster seat in the back seat.
  • Children 8 years and older, who are 4’9 or taller may use vehicle seat belt only if it fits properly with the lap low on the hips, touching the upper thighs, and the shoulder belt crossing the center of the chest.
  • If children are not tall enough for proper belt fit, they must ride in a booster or car seat.

Car Seats

  • Children are required to be in a rear facing car seat until age one, it is recommended that children remain rear facing until age two.
  • Rear facing is the safest way to ride for children until age two.
  • Keep children with front-facing car seat with harness until they reach the height or weight limit.
  • Chest clip in harness car seat should be at armpit level.
  • Car seats should not move more than an inch from side to side.

Important Facts to Remember

  • Children are safest in the back seat until age 13.
  • Never put shoulder belt under your arm or behind your back.
  • It is against the law to leave a child under the age of seven in a car, without supervision of someone 12 years or older if: keys are in the ignition, the car is running or the child is at risk.
  • Look before you lock always look to see there is not a child in the backseat before you lock the doors.
  • Children are most at risk of backovers and frontovers when vehicles are backing out of driveways, know the blind spots of your vehicle.

Everyone in the car must be properly buckled up.  For every child under 16 in the car who is not properly secured there is a $475 fine AND a point on your driving record.

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