Super Dentists, Super FUN!


When did you start bringing your children to the dentist?  My 18 month old son Olliver has 12 teeth, I wanted to keep them pearly white and make sure everything was all good in his mouth.  I decided now was the perfect time to start his dental journey.

When looking for a dentist for my son, I wanted someone who was knowledgable, welcoming, and who could keep my child entertained.  Thats what I found at The Super Dentists! After checking out their website, I knew this would be the perfect place to take Ollie for his first teeth cleaning.


Excitedly, I booked an appointment at their Carmel Valley location.  When we walked in and were teleported into a fairy tail wonderland! The waiting room was simply magical, and my little Ollie was gleaming with excitement. There were multiple TV’s for kids to watch their own show, and a room full of video games and costumes to play dress up.  They even had a “toy store” where you can earn points for dental hygiene and trade in candy and points for cool toys.


As we went to the back room for his cleaning and check up, the surprises continued. Each child’s chair had their own tv on the wall AND the ceiling where they could continue watching their favorite shows! The more distractions for Ollie the better.  The assistant was great with my little one and made him feel comfortable.  She put his favorite show on and began the exam.  He was still a little nervous so she had him sit on my lap while she checked him out.  He received a clean bill and we were on our way.  It was a great first experience.


The Super Dentists is a full service office offering basic dentistry, braces, and teeth whitening.  With locations conveniently located in Oceanside, Carmel Valley, and Chula Vista, The Super Dentists are never more than skip, jump, or hop away from anywhere in San Diego.

To make your appointent call  (760)-DENTIST or (619)-DENTIST or visit

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