AquaBall Zero Sugar but lots of fun flavor




Sugar is the root of all that is evil…that is what my best friend Lauren is always telling me. Literally anything I say she will ask me how much sugar is in that? We are always talking about how much sugar is put into everything, especially when it comes to our children. Sugar is in everything, a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich can have well over 30 grams of sugar. I am always on the lookout for any products where I can cut the amount of sugar that goes in my kids lunch boxes.

AquaBall is the answer to the sugary juice box, with no sugar, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors. Its a miracle! Thank you AquaBall for something the kids will drink without all the junk. We used to buy the Honest Kids juice boxes because they are organic. Step aside Honest, because now that there is an option without sugar, sodium and with vitamins B3, B5, B6 & C we are all in.

aqua ball

Please stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY for this amazing new product. Love that the super cute AquaBall comes in fun Disney characters including the Princesses of Disney!



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